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"I grew up in a family that always had music playing. From watching Soul Train to American Bandstand music was on TV and the radio. I began to experiment with DJing in the 8th grade. By the time I reached high school I began to was create mixes for the varsity and junior varsity cheer-leading squads at Hephzibah High School in Georgia."

"Right after high school I began to dabble in music production with a group of guys in Augusta, GA. The group did not last very long but that cemented my love of music and making music. I did some DJing in the Augusta and surrounding areas, mainly in clubs."

"I joined the United States Army in 1993 and once my training was complete I landed in Fort Sill, OK and began to DJ again at several bars in the Lawton, OK area. Fast forward to 1995 when I met the woman I married, or as she put it, she felt sorry for me and I stopped DJing to focus on my family and school."

"In 2011, my family attended a high school graduation party. At this party was a “DJ” with speakers, a disco ball and playing music out of iTunes. No mixing. No crowd interaction. Nothing. I was appalled. After the party my wife and I began to chat and decided that I would begin to DJ again."

"Since then I have played weddings, proms, corporate functions, Sweet 16, birthday (adults and kids). Additionally each quarter, I provide free DJ services for local charities in the Oklahoma City area as a small way of giving back to the city that has been so wonderful to my family and I."

Tom lives in Oklahoma City with his wife and three crazy kids.